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New patients who live in the SA1 postcode area are welcome to join the practice. If you would like to register, please contact reception and ensure you bring photo ID and proof of address with you.  All new patients will be offered a new patient health check upon registering.

The practice operates an equality policy and does not discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, social class, age, religion, sexual orientation, appearance, disability or medical condition.

In line with other NHS organisations this practice operates a zero tolerance policy in respect of inappropriate behaviour by patients (or any persons accompanying them).

Violent, abusive or threatening behaviour, including verbal, where any person present has feared for his or her safety may lead to the police being called and removal from the practice.

Appointments (01792 650716)

Morning Surgery
During the morning we run an open access surgery. You do not need to arrange an appointment, simply turn up between the hours of 9.00am and 11.00am and you will be able to see a doctor of your choice.  Doors are open from 8.00am.

Telephone Consultations
Many consultations can be dealt with over the telephone, thereby avoiding the need for an appointment or visit.

If you would prefer to consult with a doctor over the telephone, please contact the surgery before 11.00am.  Any non-urgent requests after 11.00am will be dealt with the following morning.

The practice nurses are also available for telephone consultations; please inform the receptionist and the nurse will ring you back on the same day.

Afternoon/Evening Surgery
Evening surgery is strictly by appointment only. To make an appointment, simply telephone the surgery or call in at reception. Please ensure a separate appointment is made for each person.

You can now book an appointment online.  Please speak to a member of staff to register for this service.

Please arrive promptly and remember to cancel your appointment if you no longer need to keep it; someone else may need to see the doctor urgently.  You can cancel your appointment by telephoning the surgery or texting your name, date of birth and the date and time of your appointment to 07977 291661.  Failure to cancel your appointment will result in a DNA letter or removal from the practice list.

If you have several problems to discuss, please ensure you inform the receptionist so that a longer appointment can be arranged.

Appointments are available with a doctor of your choice between 2.30pm-5.30pm.

Medical examinations
Please tell the receptionist if you need a longer appointment for any reason, or if the appointment is for a special purpose (e.g., HGV or life assurance medical).  Please be aware that due to a history of patients not turning up for these appointments, payment is due on booking the appointment and is non-refundable.

Genuine urgent cases will be seen every morning in the open access surgery. Patients that become ill after 11.00am and cannot wait until the following morning should telephone the surgery as soon as possible to speak to a doctor.

Home Visits and Telephone Consultations (01792 650716)
A doctor can see many more patients within surgery time than during home visits.  It is therefore your responsibility to come to open access surgery in the mornings, unless you are prevented by serious illness or infirmity.

When it is necessary to request a home visit please try and do so before 11.00am unless a genuine emergency arises later. If you wish to speak to a doctor or nurse, please contact the surgery and give your details to the receptionist who will ensure the doctor or nurse rings you back.

Out of Hours Calls (111)
ABM University Health Board is responsible for services outside normal surgery hours. If you have a life threatening emergency, please dial 99.  If you need urgent care that cannot wait until the surgery is open the following morning then a doctor is always available to deal with emergencies.  The emergency out-of-hours service is available 6.30pm-8.00am weekdays, weekends and bank holidays.  The telephone number is 111 and is free to call.

Accident & Emergency Service (01792 703428)
A 24 hour walk-in A&E Department is based at Morriston Hospital and Neath Port Talbot Hospital.  Before attending these services please consider whether your problem could be dealt with more appropriately by your local chemist, GP or the out-of-hours service.

NHS Direct (0845 46 47)
If you require any information or advice outside normal surgery hours, NHS Direct is a 24 hour nurse led advice line. NHS Direct on-line can also be found at

Prescriptions (01792 456904)
Order between 8.30am-12.00pm & 1.00pm-4.30pm

All our repeat prescriptions are on computer and any patient who is on long term treatment will be given a request slip. This lists every item that you are allowed to order without seeing a doctor. Receptionists are not allowed to give prescriptions for medication that the doctor has not authorised.

Requests can be made by calling into the surgery, by telephone, by post enclosing a stamped addressed envelope or via on-line prescribing – please speak to the prescribing clerk to register for this service. Always ensure the drugs you require are clearly indicated on your request slip and allow 24 hours notice before collecting.  The prescribing clerk is also available to deal with any prescription queries that you may have. To arrange delivery of your prescription please contact your usual chemist.

Sickness Certification
For periods of sickness lasting up to seven days you should complete a self-certification form which can be obtained from reception or through your employer. For periods of sickness longer than seven days you will need a sick paper from your doctor. If your employer requires a sick paper for periods of illness of less than seven days (which should be stipulated within your employment contract) a private sick paper may be issued – this is not a statutory Med3 certificate and a fee may be charged for such private certificates. Sick papers can only be issued for periods of illness preventing you from working for which you have actually seen your doctor. Papers cannot be provided for retrospective periods during which you did not see a doctor. We would be grateful if patients could avoid using emergency appointment slots for sickness certification, and instead attend morning open access surgery or book a routine afternoon appointment.

Medical Records
Applications for access to your medical records must be made in writing to the record holder and, provided no addition to the record has been made within the previous 40 days, a fee may be charged.  Provided there is no reason to withhold access, the record holder must allow the applicant to see the records. Should a copy of the medical records be required, a copying and postal charge may be applied (between £10.00- £50.00).

Access to patient information
Your personal health information is confidential and this confidentiality is rigorously guarded.  It will only be used within the health and social care service and will not be shared outside without your explicit consent i.e., with external organisations or third parties.

The surgery premises are continually monitored and recorded by CCTV.


Are you a Carer or being Cared For?
In order that your GP can do all he can to help when dealing with your needs, it is important that you inform us if you are a carer or you are being cared for.  Please ask for a carers form at reception.

Disabled Patients
The practice has suitable access for disabled patients, an induction loop and information available in large print.  Please let us know if you are disabled, having any mobility problems or difficulties with your hearing.  We may be able to improve our facilities and services to help you.


We always strive to provide the best possible care for our patients but we accept that on occasions patients will be dissatisfied with the care they have received.

If you are unhappy with any aspect of the service or care you have received, please ask for a copy of our Complaints Procedure.  All complaints should be addressed to the Practice Manager (Karen Willett) or Senior Partner.  All complaints will be handled with complete discretion and confidentiality will be maintained at all times.

We are always looking for ways to improve the service we provide and value patient feedback both positive and negative.  Suggestion forms are available in the waiting area or you can email the surgery on

Community Health Council (01639 683490)
The CHC is situated at the First Floor, Cimla Hospital, Neath, SA11 3SY.  It is a completely free independent advocacy service for anyone who wishes to make a complaint about any aspect of NHS services whether it be the hospital, general practice or other health care provider.  The Community Health Council can be found online at

ABM University Health Board (01639 683363)
The ABM University Health Board is situated at One Talbot Gateway, Baglan Energy Park, Baglan, Port Talbot, SA12 7BR. The Chief Executive is Mr Paul Roberts.  Its aim is to improve the health services provided to you and the population as a whole.  ABM University Health Board can be found on-line at


General Practitioner Registrar Training
The Kingsway Surgery has been heavily involved with GP Training for a long time and is proud of its educational record. Several of the partners at the surgery are involved with GP Training in Swansea and across Wales. The surgery has 2 posts for GP Registrars (trainees nearing completion of their training). These doctors are normally with the practice for 12 months, and are usually involved in preparing for examinations to complete their training and for Membership of The Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP). As part of this process they are required to submit a selection of videoed consultations. On arrival for your appointment you may occasionally be asked by the receptionist if you mind your consultation with the doctor being video-recorded. It is most helpful for the registrars if they are able to video their consultation with you, both for the purposes of their development and for their examinations. However, you are under no obligation to agree to being videoed and can decline when asked. If you agree to being videoed you will be given a consent form to read and sign to indicate your agreement. You are free to change your mind at any stage including during or after the consultation. Please note that physical examinations are not recorded in front of the camera. All recorded consultations are treated in the strictest confidence and are only used for training and examination purposes before being destroyed. We regret that copies of recorded consultations cannot be provided.

Medical Students
The surgery is also associated with Swansea Medical School and University of Wales College of Medicine and we regularly have medical students on placement at the surgery for part of their training. You may see the medical students sitting in on surgeries with other doctors or with the practice nurses, health visitors and midwives. You may also see a medical student as part of a supervised consultation (under the supervision of one of the partners). It is essential for medical students to have contact with patients throughout their training in order for them to develop the necessary skills to become a good doctor and we are grateful for your assistance with this. The surgery also occasionally has students in Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting on attachment in order to gain clinical experience.

Practice Nurses
The treatment rooms are staffed by qualified nursing sisters.  They carry out certain procedures, including wound dressings, ear syringing and vaccinations.  They also assist the doctor e.g., minor operations.  The practice nurses run a range of their own clinics e.g., in asthma, diabetes, family planning and cervical smears.

Clinics & Additional Services
Clinics are held on a weekly basis.  Please ask at reception for an appointment:

Child Health
Exercise Therapy
Flu, Pneumovacs & Shingles
Learning Disabilities
Mental Health
Minor Surgery
Sexual Health
Smoking Cessation
Wound Care

Phlebotomy Services
Blood samples can be taken at the surgery every Monday, Wednesday & Friday between the hours of 8.30am-10.00am.

Alternatively you can attend the following hospitals any week day:

Singleton Hospital between the hours of 8.00am-4.15pm
Morriston Hospital between the hours of 8.00am-4.45pm
Neath Port Talbot Hospital between the hours of 8.00am-4.45pm

All children up to the age of 12 must make an appointment however if they are nervous then they can be seen by the hospital up to the age of 16.  The telephone numbers to make an appointment are:

Singleton Hospital:  01792 285685
Morriston Hospital:  01792 703058
Neath Port Talbot Hospital:  01639 862413